To obtain information or clarification beyond that provided on this website (, licensees can submit their questions and concerns to:

Stacey Kjeldgaard

Executive Director

Ethics and Boundaries Assessment Services LLC

901 54th Avenue

Greeley CO 80634

Office – 970.302.7635

Cell - 970.775.3729

 EBAS staff gives timely personal attention to all inquiries.  If licensees wish to verify receipt of correspondence, they are advised to use return receipt requested or other delivery methods that provide proof of receipt by EBAS.

EBAS is not responsible for information provided over the telephone unless that information is verified in writing.

PLEASE NOTE:  If a licensee has any issues or concerns that they feel may have influenced test results, they must fill out the Post-Exam Survey while at the testing center or they must send EBAS written e-mail notification within seven (7) calendar days from the date of the examination.  Consideration will be given to the specific concerns.

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