Frequently Asked Questions

Are continuing education credits offered?

This is not a CE course. CE credits are not offered.

What is the pass rate?

82% pass rate, across all professions.

Can I retake the exam?

EBAS does not limit the number of times an individual may take the exam.

Why is 12 passing?

A standard-setting study was conducted by psychometrician Dr. Igor Himelfarb. The study consistently showed a score of 12 being the level of proficiency.

Is there an appeal process?

There is no appeal process. All issued Score Reports are final.

Does EBAS provide study material?

EBAS does not offer study material.  This is a self study exam. 

Does EBAS offer refunds?

Yes.  You are eligible for a refund of 75% of your fees if you cancel at least three days before your test date.  Additional information regarding rescheduling and no shows may be found under the Fees tab.

Do you offer testing accommodations?

Yes. We ask that the licensee complete a short application outlining their disability. We then work with Prometric’s testing accommodations coordinator and establish a plan that fits the applicant's need.

Can a regulatory board get a copy of the essays?

No. EBAS retains the essays and Score Reports for five years, in the event there is legal action taken. To date that has not been any legal action. This is a legally defensible exam.

What professions does EBAS work with?

EBAS has profession-specific exams for Chiropractic, Medical Doctors, Nursing, Dentists, Social Workers/Counselors.   EBAS also has a non-healthcare exam and a healthcare exam with a mix of professions in each. If a profession does not have a specific exam we can tailor an exam by identifying scenarios pertinent to a profession in the healthcare or non-healthcare exams.

Who grades the exams?

EBAS has a pool of 43 trained and calibrated graders. Graders come from diverse backgrounds; nurses, attorneys, chiropractors and executive directors. The common denominator, each one has regulatory board experience.

Does the regulatory board have to sign a contract with EBAS?

There is no contract or long-term obligation to use EBAS.  All fees are payable by the examinee.

Can I take the exam in my home?

No, all exams are administered at Prometric Testing Centers.

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