Testing Accommodations

EBAS seeks to ensure that our exams are fully accessible to all qualified examinees. 

EBAS seeks to ensure that our exams are fully accessible to all qualified examinees; therefore, we welcome applications for reasonable and appropriate accommodations on our exams in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other federal guidance, provided such modifications do not result in a fundamental alteration to the examination, impose an undue burden, or jeopardize examination security.

The purpose of accommodations are to provide equal access to taking the exams where significant functionally limiting disability impairments prevent access. It is the examinee’s responsibility to show the level of functionally limiting disability impairment through medical documentation so we can determine whether it prevents equal access.

Documentation must:

  • Report clinical diagnosis made by an appropriately qualified professional
  • Substantiate all reported clinical diagnosis with appropriate data, as a diagnosis by a qualified evaluator, in and of itself, does not necessitate accommodations without evidence that the disorder results in a substantial limitation relative to most people in the general population. 
  • Indicate how your disability meets full criteria for the reported diagnosis
  • Establish how and to what extent the diagnosis impairs real world functioning in regards to test taking
  • Substantiate a credible rationale explaining the need for the requested accommodations in a high stakes testing environment


Documentation needs to be thorough enough to help us see the impact of your conditions on overall functioning. For example, it might be helpful to provide as much of the following types of documentation as possible:  

  • A personal statement describing what it has been like to live with your conditions, how you have coped with challenges, how they have impacted test taking situations
  • Verification that you received accommodations in past testing situations
  • Medical records relating to past treatment describing details (such as frequency, efficacy, side effects, course, etc.), severity, treatment, and impact/restrictions on functioning
  • Evidence of the impact of your condition in past test taking situations
  • Firsthand historical records showing/describing real world impact from others


Please send all documentation to: accommodations@ebas.org