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Industries we serve

Healthcare and non-healthcare professionals.

We provide universal essay scenarios designed to resonate with professionals across various fields, including healthcare and non-healthcare sectors. These scenarios are meticulously crafted to present authentic and pertinent ethical challenges that professionals from diverse backgrounds can engage with. Whether you're a healthcare practitioner, legal expert, financial consultant, or corporate executive, our general scenarios offer invaluable chances to refine your ethical decision-making abilities and showcase your dedication to professional ethics.

Company History

Promoting ethics since 2013

Since its inception in 2013, EBAS has been at the forefront of ethical assessment, partnering with over 150 clients across healthcare and non-healthcare professions. Through our platform, thousands of licensees have undertaken customized ethics essay exams, covering a wide range of subject matters including unprofessional conduct, boundary violations, fraud, professional standards, and substance abuse. Utilizing the EBAS tool enables a deep dive into the critical thinking of licensees, fostering reflection and analysis to enhance ethical decision-making skills and uphold professional integrity. By providing tailored assessments, we ensure that licensees receive targeted feedback and guidance to enhance their ethical decision-making skills and uphold the highest standards of professional conduct in their respective fields.

Assessments we offer

Assisting regulatory boards and licensed professionals

Applicant FAQs

  • ARRIVE EARLY. If you arrive late to an exam, you will not be admitted. Your exam fee(s) will be forfeited and you will need to reapply for another administration date.
  • At registration, you must show one form of identification, which must be a valid government-issued photo ID. NOTE: A Digital ID will not be accepted. If your ID is expired, you will not be able to test - funds will be forfeited. After ID has been renewed, you will will need to reschedule and pay for another administration.

EBAS does not limit the number of times an individual may take the exam.

Yes, you can sign up for an EBAS essay exam independently, without involvement from your regulatory body. Follow these steps:

  • Select your profession and state.
  • In the Licensing Board/Agency drop-down menu, choose "Self Only- No Licensing Board Requirement."

Individuals may choose to take an EBAS exam proactively, even before a disciplinary order is issued, to demonstrate initiative to address disciplinary issues.

No, all score reports issued have undergone multiple review and are considered final.

No, this is a self-study exam.

EBAS has a pool of trained graders from diverse professional backgrounds, all with regulatory board experience.

All fees are payable by the examinee.

Our team of trained essay developers conducts thorough research on real disciplinary orders from various professions nationwide. Based on this research, they craft the essay scenarios, which are then reviewed and approved, or revised if necessary, by a committee of regulators. This rigorous process ensures that the scenarios accurately reflect the ethical challenges professionals may encounter in their respective fields.

A score report will be emailed to you and the licensing agency (if applicable) approximately 3 weeks after completion of the exam. 

Rest assured, you are provided with sufficient time to complete each essay scenario, accommodating individuals with below-average typing speeds. If you have a diagnosed disability that affects your typing ability, please refer to our Test Accommodations page for assistance.

Regulatory board/ Licensing agency FAQs

Assigning one essay exam in all five topics areas allows for a complete analysis of ethical comprehension. This approach also provides a thorough examination that may reveal areas of concern beyond the immediate infraction.

At minimum, we recommend assigning one essay in at least three topics for increased reliability of the scores. Under this approach, all applicants should have one essay in both the Unprofessional Conduct and Professional Standards categories. Additionally, we recommend selecting one essay from either Fraud, Substance Abuse, or Boundaries, tailored to the circumstances surrounding the current disciplinary issue.

Yes, as long as the applicant has listed your agency in their application. Scores are emailed to the contact we have on file approximately 3 weeks after completion of the exam.

Please send an email to admin@ebas.org or give us a call at (888)676-3227.

Absolutely! We're here to assist you in presenting EBAS exams to your board members. We can provide tailored materials relevant to your profession and offer a brief presentation highlighting the benefits of EBAS essay exams, along with real client experiences. Simply fill out our contact form, and we'll reach out promptly to schedule a call.