Types of Assessments

Fraud assessments

A wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.

A refusal to treat a patient; patient abuse or abandonment; OSHA violation; failure to make appropriate referrals.
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Boundaries assessments

Engaging in a financial arrangement with a patient; sexual relationship with a patient; photography without patient consent; making financial decisions on behalf of a patient.

The rules and limits that define a professional relationship between a worker and a client. They are set by legal, ethical and organizational framework to maintain a safe, acceptable and effective working environment.
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Substance abuse assessments

Uncontrolled use of alcohol, illegal drugs or prescribed drugs that affects normal daily life.

Impairment due to use of alcohol or other substance/drugs (legal or illegal); drug diversion.
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Unprofessional conduct assessments

Verbal or sexual harassment; criminal conviction; domestic violence; HIPPA violation and use of social media; escalated personality conflict with colleagues

Acts or behaviors that fail to meet the minimally acceptable standard expected of similarly situated professionals or not showing the standard of behavior of skill that is expected of a person in a skilled job. This includes conduct that may be harmful to the health, safety, and welfare of the public, conduct that may reflect negatively on one’s fitness to practice, or conduct that may violate any provision of the code of ethics adopted by the board or specialty
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Professional standards assessments

Falsifying records and signatures; misrepresentation of credentials; practicing on an expired license; falsification of credentials.

The skills, knowledge, ethics and behaviors that define and guide the practice of a profession or discipline. They are set forth by a professional body that represents the interests of the respective profession or discipline. They require a level of performance that reflects excellent practice and supports professional growth
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